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I have been witness to many things in my personal life that led me into, and keeps me in, this business. I watched my mother, a strong and educated woman, become a widow very suddenly. My father's role in the household was to manage all of the financial matters, pay bills and invest for the future. In the blink of an eye, my mother was responsible for all of that.

It became my mission to assist her in contacting each insurance company, investment broker and bank to make sure that she received all of the benefits that my dad had in place for her. So it is with the heart of a son, and the experience that I have gained over many years, to assist people who are in need of some guidance. Emotions can get in the way of making sound financial decisions. I work with my clients to help in the decisions that affect their retirement income, family legacy, financial longevity and charitable giving.

If you are open to advice and have a realistic expectation of returns, or just have a few questions relating to your own financial wellness, I welcome you to contact me without cost or obligation.*

Would you like to have a sound voice about your financial future on your side?

Direct: 615-490-7052

*The free consultation provides an overview of investment and financial planning services offered through LPL Financial . You are not obligated to purchase any products or services as a result of receiving the free consultation.

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